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Festival Definition of Classification

Beginning in 2020, Central Section is including a Classification System for our ensembles registering for festivals. This
classification helps our adjudicators and determines the level of music in the Sight-Reading room.

Directors have the discretion to determine the classification under which their groups will be evaluated. Please read the
descriptors to choose the classification that best fits your ensemble. The RUBRIC may also help you to decide. It is
acceptable to register multiple groups within the same classification.

For the 2020 Festival Season, directors are allowed to perform their Sight Reading in Class I (Grade 1⁄2 or 1 music) if they so
choose regardless of what their performance classification is.

The Sight-Reading room is closed to the public. The scoresheet is not numerical - small captions are rated (I, II, III) only.

The Sight-Reading rating is not included in the overall rating. The Sight-reading rating is recorded for Central Section
records but never distributed to anyone. CMEA Central strives for the sight-reading experience to be positive and

All ensembles are expected to participate in the sight reading portion of the festival.  Groups wishing to be considered for an overall "Unanimous Superior" rating must participate in sight reading. A Unanimous superior rating received in performance will be reduced to a Superior, if sight reading is not performed. 

In 2020, ensembles that participate in the Visalia Band & Choir festivals will be exempt from the Sight Reading requirement as facilities are not available for this portion at this time. There will also be no Sight Reading at CMEA Jazz Festivals or Solo/Ensemble.

For further questions regarding festival policies & procedures, please contact your Festival Coordinators Rob Bentley or Peggy Biller (KERN Festivals)

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